AnuBitux 3.0 is out!

A new version of AnuBitux is finally out! It is now based on Debian 12 with a fresher Linux Kernel! We have also improved the user interface with new icons, to give our distro a more modern look.

We also removed the possibility to install it, to avoid misuses and make it work in a totally amnesic way. It is able to interact with a lot of ways to store cryptocurrencies, like restoring mnemonic seeds in many different clients, connecting hardware wallets, mounting different kind of encrypted storages, etc.

More details are provided in the Changelog. Visit our Download page to get it!

What's next?

We have other big projects in mind. We are finishing the test stage to also publish the whole building process of the version 3 on GitHub, we are creating an official, more technical and organized documentation and we are also preparing a script to convert a common Debian virtual machine in a fully featured AnuBitux VM to test our tools in a safe way get more confident with them. Stay tuned following our Telegram channel and our X profile!

This article was updated on 23 Mar 2024