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AnuBitux is a free project that aims to provide a secure and safe environment to use cryptocurrencies, showing some use cases and tutorials. All the tools included have been downloaded from trusted sources like official Debian repositories, GitHub and official websites.
Although, no guarantee is provided with it. The User is always supposed to know what he's doing and how to manage sensitive information and backup himself.
The AnuBitux team takes no responsibility for malfunctioning tools or unsafe usage of its solutions and tutorials.
The AnuBitux distro and the related tutorials are provided "as-is" and without warranty of any kind, express, implied or otherwise, without limitation, any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. 
Downloading the AnuBitux distro, the User implicitly accepts to use it, considering himself as responsible for the actions he will carry out and that the AnuBitux team is not responsible in any way for eventual malfunctions or misconfigured tools.

Download links:

After downloaded AnuBitux, if in doubt, please refer to the official documentation to see how to use it.

AnuBitux 3.3.1 amd64

This is the main version of AnuBitux! 
It has been designed to work in live mode, but users can also chose to install it and do some tests on the tools. Using it in live mode, it does not store any information on disks (unless desired) and preserve users's privacy. It is mandatory to backup all information elsewhere properly and securely.


Alternative downloads:   

AnuBitux for VM or for installed environments

If you want to use AnuBitux in a pre-installed operating system, prefearably based on Debian 12 Standard, you can use this script to customize it and have access to a fully-featured AnuBitux. 

Note that AnuBitux has been created to be used in an amnesic way, only with the live version. This script has been created only for test and training purposes. Do not handle real wallets with it.

AnuBitux VM for VirtualBox (based on the old 2.5 version)

This is a ready to use virtual machine to see what AnuBitux looks like and run some tests or training. It is not yet recommended to use it for real cases. To run it, simply import it into VirtualBox. The VirtualBox Extension Pack could be mandatory to run properly.


Alternative downloads:


Click here to read the changelog and the details about the released versions.

Building logs

Check the building logs to see how the latest AnuBitux version was built. 

Verify your download

To verify the downloaded files, please refer to the following checksums. 

Checksums can be verified by downloading our public PGP key, that can be found on GitHub, on Pastebin or on KeyBase.

Are you in doubt about how to verify your downloaded AnuBitux? You can refer to our official documentation or to this post.

Hash: SHA512

MD5: d1b4db6df87c5d292c2621db1c10eb35
Sha256: 22a2ab1380e70d85c6db53b42570a32248c83a0567f01ebfcef04aa0352d6fff

MD5: 9e0a516d69f5978b94f93c481448ff9d
Sha256: 2da9a70ddf81e1417b4179d196de38da8aa733bb51ad601afa3ea108cf68e902