Meet the AnuBitux project

AnuBitux is a free project that aims to provide everyone with a safe and secure environment to manage crypto-stuff like wallets, seeds, transactions, etc, securely and simply. The AnuBitux distro comes also with a lot of cool tutorials that will show how to use the included tools or how to approach cryptos minimizing risks.

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We also have a YouTube channel to share news, video tutorials and useful tips about our project!


The project is carried out by:

Head of the AnuBitux project. Works as a cryptocurrency analyst and in the blockchain forensics field. In the free time he develops this distro and codes with Python.

Digital Forensics Expert, daily involved in mobile, network, web and digital forensics in general, interested in blockchain intelligence since ransomware poke out with cryptocurrency ransom payements, he's now doing research on tools and protocols for safely managing coins, altcoins, tokens and NFT in judicial cases.

Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics Expert, specialized in Mobile Forensics and passionate about OSINT, Cryptocurrency Forensics and Python. He never stops learning. 

He is the Head of the Cyber Intelligence Operations Center Of TS-WAY. He is in charge of the team that monitors, analyses, and researches criminal and state-sponsored groups worldwide engaged in advanced and non-traditional threats. 
He was a Guardia di Finanza Corps senior agent for 17 years, specialised in the Open-source Intelligence Analysis and International Relations fields.
He is a Trainer on OSINT and Intelligence training courses for several Law enforcement and European agencies.

Official OPSEC Guru of the AnuBitux project, with 20+ years of experience in the cyber-physical security domain, he's now developing the next generation of OSINT and WebForensics solutions.

Additional contacts

Suggestions and comments can be sent directly to the AnuBitux team members or by writing an e-mail to [email protected] or messaging to the official Twitter account or reaching us out on KeyBase.


This project is carried out by volunteers and enthusiasts and, most importantly, is beer-fueled. Every donation and contribution will help to improve it. If you appreciate this work and want to contribute, donations are welcome!

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