What is AnuBitux?

This post refers to the first version of AnuBitux, distributed before the 31th december 2022. Consider it only if you are using an AnuBitux version downloaded prior to that date. 

AnuBitux is, first of all, a Kubuntu based distro that aims to provide a safe environment to use and manage cryptocurrencies. But it is not only a customized operative system, it also wants to be a place to share knowledge and best practices, providing tutorials based on AnuBitux that can be applied in every situation.

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What is included in the AnuBitux OS?

As mentioned, AnuBitux is an environment based on Kubuntu 20.04 but with many customizations:

  • telemetry is disabled;
  • automatic updates are unallowed;
  • the Firefox browser is improved to prevent fingerprinting and the storage of any kind of information on the device;
  • lots of tools, retained to be useless for this specific environment, have been removed;
  • a fork of AnonSurf for Ubuntu is installed and configured (AnonSurf was originally developed by the Parrot Security Team);
  • the main python tools run in dedicated virtual environments;
  • many printer drivers are installed. They could be useful to generate paper wallets completely offline;
  • useful desktop shortcuts have been created;
  • and more...

The most significant part of AnuBitux is his collection of tools. Some of them have been selected for this environment, others have been developed by the AnuBitux team to fit the needs that users may encounter.

Tools list

The tools are placed in a dedicated sub-menu, divided into different categories so that users will be able to quickly find what they need. Some tools did not provide a menu entry. In this case, AnuBitux has arranged a custom menu entry that also shows some useful information about the tool, like examples and suggestions.


Address generators

The first category is dedicated to the address generators, a collection of tools that could be used to obtain crypto addresses to store, for instance, on a paper wallet.

  • BitAddress is a javascript tool that runs locally and creates a Bitcoin paper wallet and that can be found at;
  • DiceTracker is a tool that generates printable paper wallets starting from 256 dice rolls, removing the need to trust software's entropy;
  • Dice2Seed is a tool that obtaines a mnemonic seed starting from the entropy obtained rolling a dice;
  • WalletGenerator is a multi-currency paper wallet generator that supports dozens of different coins;
  • MoneroCLI is the official command line interface Monero client, that could be used to generate new wallets and also export addresses, private viewkeys and private spendkeys;
  • MoneroWalletGenerator is an offline Monero wallet generator that can also be found on
  • DashPaperWallet is a javascript tool that runs locally and creates a Dash paper wallet that can be found on;
  • VanityGen is a tool that can generate multy-currency vanity addresses like 1AnUbiYpuFsGrc1JFxFCh5K9tXFd1BXPgb;
  • QREncode is a tool that generates QR codes from strings and that could be very useful to store addresses and keys offline. More information here.

Transaction Tools

In this category there will be tools that can be used to handle transactions. At the moment it integrates only one tool.

  • is a tool that allows users to sign, verify and broadcast transactions that could also have been written from scratch. The tool is also available on the web at the page.


In this category there is a collection of many desktop wallets, so that the users, in most cases, will be able to use their coins without the need to install any client.

  • Hardware wallets:

Wallet Tools

In this section there are tools that can be used to manage wallet related stuff, especially mnemonic seed phrases.

  • is a tool developed by the AnuBitux team that tries to find out the correct derivation path or the right software a seed was used with;
  • BIP39 is the well known tool developed by Ian Coleman that handles derivation paths based on BIP39 wordlists. It is also available on his website.


In this section there is a collection of tool that could help to recover access to lost wallets or blocked funds.

  • BTCrecover is a python tool that tries to recover access to wallet files with many methods like trying to unlock the files using a list of passwords given by the user;
  • SeedRecover is part of the BTCrecover tool. It tries to fix a mnemonic seed phrase with mistakes and/or missing words;
  • BTCKeySearch is a tool , developed by the AnuBitux team, that scans files in a directory and in its subdirectories, looking for Bitcoin private keys, Monero private spend keys and BIP32 root keys (xpriv);
  • SeedSearch is a tool, developed by the AnuBitux team, that scans files in a directory and in its subdirectories, looking for BIP39 mnemonic seeds;
  • VeraDecrypt is a tool, developed by the AnuBitux team, that tries to unlock VeraCrypt volumes and containers using a list of passwords given by the user;
  • Searchmonkey is a GUI tool that searches among the file content in a given directory or in a whole volume for strings and regular expressions. Here there is a useful tutorial about that tool;
  • BulkExtractor is a tool that rapidly scans directory and volumes for any kind of input like regular expressions;
  • Photorec tries to recover deleted files or part of them and could be useful, for instance, for accidentally deleted wallets.


Here there are tools that could be useful to interact with anything regarding encryption.

  • VeraCrypt is a cross-platform open source tool that allows to encrypt and decrypt volumes and disks with many algorithms;
  • DisLocker allows to manage bitlocker encrypted volumes in a Linux enviroment;
  • Kleopatra manages PGP Keys and allows to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify text and files;
  • KeepassXC is an offline open source cross-platform password manager, that could also store any kind of information like mnemonic seed phrases;
  • zuluCrypt is a simple,feature rich and powerful solution for hard drives encryption. More info here.

Useful Tools

In this section there are some tools that could be useful in many AnuBitux's use cases.

  • PyWhat is a very powerful python tool that tries to identify any kind of input that could be even a string than a file;
  • Shutter is a complete screenshot tool that allows to do some quick editing to the picture before saving it;
  • Wireshark is the world’s foremost and widely-used network protocol analyzer. It could be used to capture network traffic during sensible operations and verify that only proper network traffic was exchanged;
  • TShark is a CLI tool for packet capturing;
  • FFMpeg is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. For this purpose, it could be used to record the desktop screen while doing operations that need to be reported to a third party. Never use it while generating sensible information like private keys or new wallets or, in general, for information that are not supposed to be shared;
  • CoBang is a QR code reader that can come in handy in many situations when dealing with cryptocurrencies.


This article was updated on 10 Jun 2023