How to obtain xpub keys with AnuBitux 

Xpub keys can be very useful to monitor our wallets without exposing our private keys. Keeping it very simple, with our mnemonic phrase we are obtaining an xpriv key from which all private keys are derived and an xpub key from which all public keys, and consequently all addresses, can be derived. Configuring our wallet to use xpub keys, we are setting up a view-only wallet.

How to obtain xpub keys

Xpub keys can be obtained in many different ways, depending on what kind of solution we are using. Basically, it can be obtained from our mnemonic phrase, using tools like the Ian Colaman's one or from the menus of our desktop wallets.

Ian Coleman

With Ian Coleman's tool we can manage all that regerds BIP39 hierarchical deterministic wallets. We can generate a mnemonic phrase with the proper button or type/paste a seed in the proper box.

If we are using this tool with a mnemonic phrase related to a wallet containing funds, we should do that in a live and offline AnuBitux, to prevent any information leak. 

Scrolling down the page we will find the xpub key derived from our mnemonic phrase.

Changing the Derivation Path, we can notice that the key format changes since it starts with xpub, ypub or zpub. Some clients are able to recognize derivation path directly from the key's format and others are only accepting xpub keys and need the desired derivation path to be specified. 


Electrum wallets commonly use a customized version of hierarchical deterministic wallets and not the BIP39 standard like many other clients. Also in this case we can obtain our xpub key simply using its GUI, clicking on the "Wallet" menu and on the "Information" entry. 

In this case we are obtaining a key starting as zpub, since we are using a wallet with native segwit addresses, commonly related to the BIP84 derivation path as seen above.


WIth Sparrow wallet we can see our master public key simply by clicking on the settings button on the left panel of our GUI.

Sparrow wallet will always show us an xpub key related to the derivation path used to obtain our addresses. In this case we have native segwit addresses and a normal xpub key (which is commonly related to legacy addresses) and a "Derivation" field were we can set the address format we need.

Ledger Live

Even with our Ledger device, we can access our xpub key without the need to handle our mnemonic phrase. We have to connect our device, launch the Ledger Live client, create a Bitcoin account from the "My Ledger" tab and then go to the "Accounts" tab. Here we can select the desired account, click on the settings button, show the advanced information and so we will have access to our xpub key and the derivation path related to the account we are using.

Ledger allows only to access the xpub key and will not show the other master public keys like ypub and zpub. So we also need to notice the derivation path if we need to use the key to set up a view-only wallet

Trezor suite

Also with Trezor hardware wallets we can access our master public key. We have to go to the desired account, click on the "Details" button and on the "Show public key" button.

Now we can see our key in text and as a QR code.

In this case we obtain a zpub key, so we'll not need to store the derivation path to obtain the correct addresses if we are setting up a view-only wallet.


WIth Exodus we commonly do not have access to crypto-nerd-stuff. We need to unlock a secret menu pressing Ctrl+Shift+D. Now, on the new menu, we can click on "Developer" and on "Export All Transactions".

So we can obtain a folder containing a zip archive with a lot of files in it, that is commonly created on the Desktop. In this archive we can find a text file named xpubs.txt, containing all the master public keys, related to all the supported coins.

Blockstream Green

Blockstream Green does not show xpub keys in the GUI so we can access them using the Ian Coleman's tool we have seen above with our mnemonic phrase or we can find them in the log file, placed in the home folder, in the .local/share/Blockstream/Green/logs file.

Near every xpub key we can also find the address format it has been used with, like p2pkh for legacy addresses and so on.

Final thoughts

Xpub keys are very powerful to monitor our wallets and also  to receive funds avoiding address reuse, without exposing our private keys. But, these keys are also very sensible because revealing it we are allowing someone to reconstruct our past transactions and even to monitor the future ones. So it is always a good idea to do some tests before handling our primary master public key.


This article was updated on 15 May 2024